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Yeah I got that one, thought it would be different from the *#*#4636#*#* menu but it isn't. No big deal, but I have been seeing the 3g icon every time I unlock my phone. But when I try and do a speed test or use the internet it will revert to 1x. If I don't use data or try a speed test it will stay on. Before I would see the icon but no data being transferred. Now the icon will show the arrows up and down but like I said it will go back to 1x as soon as I try a speed test.

As I write this (from my phone) I see the 3g icon but as soon as I click send or whatever it will go to 1x to get the page to show.

I was able to do a speed test while the 3g icon was up and I notice a big difference in ping (on 1x it would be 800-850ish and with 3g its like 200-300), but as soon as the ping test is done it will say network communication issue or something.

Seems like I'm seeing it more and more and hope it stays. Using the latest (I think its the latest) prl, 3025.

UPDATE: Since my last reply I have seen the 3g icon pretty steady throughout the day. Have been sucsessful in doing speed tests and always get a decent ping score. But the download is still pretty much 1x speed. Its almost like the test doesn't start u til the progress bar is 40-50% and I get 30 kbps to 120 (sometimes less then 30kbps download). Thats while the 3g icon is on solid and shows the data activity arrows. i do notice there are a tiny bit faster browsing speeds while on 3g, but no speed test will reflect that with it's results.

Happy to see more then just the 1x icon but the speeds are still not like people have claimed. Hopefully as time goes on it gets better (like it seems to be doing) and lots of customers will be happy.
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