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Originally Posted by khornet View Post
Hello TR21

i have exactly the same 'problem' .Since a few days , i only have 3G icon instead off the H ( i usualy have before ).
Now the 3G icon become H only when i connect to data and go back to 3G very quickly .
I'm looking over the web for a few days ,expecting to find someone with same pb .
everything is working fine but i need an explanation why this icon change to 3G one day ? i sware before i never saw this 3G icon but onlythe H icon.
I live inside paris and i'm sure HSDPA coverage is ok .
if someone can give us any explanation ?
i change sim card = no result
check registry = no result (everything was right )
try to flash and Hard reset phone 3 times = no result
Phone is HTC touch HD on French ManiaHD rom (rhodium type rom)

thanks in advance for any idea about this strange problem.


There's no problem with your phone, the hsdpa isn't a network by it self, it's meaning that your phone is using the 3g networks for high speed download (hsd...) technology, and you will see the h icon only when you use your phone to download somme files, or when your apps that using back ground data to refresh or updating those information, when your phone finish downloading , the h icon change to 3g icon to notice you that's no traffic data, but you still connected to 3g network
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