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Originally Posted by iclickjohn View Post
Going on two years without protection after seeing that video of the kid jack hammering his screen with keys. one bit of bad news. I did get a scratch from something, don't know what. about half an inch at the very bottom. it shows up very fine line of iridescence. I'm going to see if I can get it replaced with a refurb (I need to have a perfect phone to sell on ebay when the RAZR/Nexus comes out. lol)
I'm in the same boat. Went almost a full year with not a single scratch and it slid across the floor of my car a few Weeks ago. A piece if sand put a long scratch right across the screen. I only see it if held in bright sunlight but I still have to disclose that my screen is scratched. Cover it! At least if you ever plan to sell yours.
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