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Originally Posted by Pipofiasco View Post
Hi Goek,

Do you still have the problems that you descibe above (and also described earlier) with your A60 or are they solved now? What about the language support problem; does this concern the menu language or entry language (keybord)?
What do you think: should I buy it or not? I'm still hesitating...

I think you could buy it. The guys from rockstoreonline have been very helpful in getting everything to work and they sell it with a 1 year guarantee, so I'm sure I could return the phone if I wanted to. Besides... I don't think there is a phone that's any better than the A60. Maybe the G1345 or the T8888, but they have their problems as well...

As of now my calendar problem and my language support problem are fixed. Keyboard and dictionary work perfectly in dutch. The OS still has alot of english in it, but that's ok for me.
I still have that calling problem sometimes. I've ordered a new sim from my provider, but that didn't fix the problem. It's not a known problem though, so I think it's a hardware problem for just my phone. I told them now that I'd like a new phone when they have that new image available if they haven't fixed the problem by then.

Originally Posted by cha_indian View Post
Thanks for the reply

they asked me to download from
There asked me to download 4 files.
I did not have any problem with calling, internet, wifi, Market, etc....all things work properly except GPS
I haven't checked my GPS yet... sorry. Good to know not all A60's have the same problems as I have though... thanks!

Originally Posted by rui-no-onna View Post
Is there any news about the Motorola XT531? Assuming price is reasonable, I'd love to get my hands on one of those.
Motorola have had dual sim androids on the market for a while, but they have been really expensive. I know of a seller that sells the XT800+ for €489. That is wayyy overpriced as far as I'm concerned.

Originally Posted by babatunde23 View Post
Hi Guys,

I've gone thru the thread but I can't find the answer I'm looking for..

Which dual sim ACTIVE phones do you recommend?

This is the most important feature for me, when I am talking on SIM 1 I need to still receive calls on SIM 2.

The wiki says the T8888 is active dual sim.

Originally Posted by chub View Post
@ cha_indian,
I am exitzed to read your post, you are the first person not having problem with the android market after downloading a and istalling new ROM - at least from my humble researches. Stupid but important question: do you have the Android market running with commercail programs - i.e. program that are not for free. Did you ever try to synchronize you Lenovo A60 wvia the USB port (eg. Calender, contacts) with Outlook or something similar. If you did. What program did you use?
Hoping for more positive news from your side.
cya chub
My Lenovo A60 has a perfectly working android market as well. The key is to buy one with a custom ROM. Etotalk sells A60's with custom ROM. I bought mine at
I haven't done syncs over USB, but I sync my calandar, tasks and contacts with gmail and it works great. You can then install this little program on your desktop to sync gmail with outlook... no usb required!
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