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Default moto droid keyboards

So. As I write this review I will be judging the keyboard I am promoting as well.
I want to put in my opinion for Smartkeyboard. I jumped from the motorola krzr to the droid and one of my biggest issues has been adjusting to the touch screen keyboard. I've tried swype, shapewriter, better keyboard, crocodile keyboard, evenbetter keyboard, handcent keyboard, talktome keyboard, and obviously the default. Out of all of those, most were very lackluster. The only ones worth mention are talk to me keyboard for its comprehensive voice to text, better keyboard for all of its skins and functional t9 kb, shapewriter for its ability to be used fluently with one hand, and lastly smartkeyboard, which I am using my trial time since this morning all day and now am writing this with it. Better keyboard took a shot at multi touch, but ultimately what they ended up with was not multitouch. Smartkeyboard has good, proper multi touch and a lot of customizable features. The only thing I want now is a way to automatically switch keyboards between portait and landscape modes so I can use shapewriter in portrait with one hand and smartkeyboard for long messages like this. And I would say this keyboard handled itself very well through this long message. I even went back to test speed against default keyboard which naturally should be fastest and did one sentance with better keyboard which operated at the same speed as the other 2. Until I went back and wrote the same sentance without skins where it was slower and closed the keyboard mid sentance (happens sometimes).
anyway, there's my opinion. If nothing else id say try them all out. If they don't have a trial versin you always have twenty four hours to refund have fun all!
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