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Originally Posted by barney_rebel View Post
I'm pretty convinced this has something to do with Juice Defender. I installed Ultimate and it crashed a lot more, many times in a row.

Come to think of it, karendar may have a point. I don't recall it ever crashing over data.
My girlfriend's phone had the issue this morning. Here's what happened:

She's always on wifi because she doesn't have a data plan... She always has an alarm that runs on the phone. The alarm runs at least 10 times per day (LED notification). It "froze" this morning when it went to sleep while the alarm was ringing. So here's the possible scenarios:

LED nodifications cause the "freeze"
Sound playback causes the "freeze" (Or access to the audio module)
Wifi causes the "freeze".

I quote freeze, because it's only a partial freeze... The buttons are less responsive than usual (As in they do respond, but delayed by 10-15 seconds) and the screen backlight is completely out. (If I put a flashlight next to the screen as I've mentionned, there is something on the display, but very faint)

So... I'm thinking the kernel code or .so drivers are the possible culprits. Considering I'm not a kernel dev, I can only find workarounds. I'll post the 2.1 kernel for flashing and testing to a courageous soul willing to attempt running it later today. I'll also post the 2.3 kernel just in case.

The tester will have to have Amon-RA recovery installed to be able to flash these kernels. So root + Recovery from all things root needs to be installed.

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