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Put 2.1.1 on Dlev3.1
WOW! VERY impressed so far. Extremely smooth. Not a lag in sight for me. Browsing also seems extremely snappy.

Comes with CWM v5.0.2.7 which has the old-style orange text instead of cyan. Also has back-key soft button support as per v4.

Going to resotre my CheckROM backup and put it on this too to see how the two compare.......

Well CWM4 backups restore fine on CWM5.
I can also confirm CWM5 backups are NOT compatible with CWM4

Installed Siyah 2.1.1 on ChekROM and as with DlevROM, early signs seem very good indeed. I will keep you posted......

Not sure if its the ROM or kernel, but is anyone on Siyah 2.1.1 and has BLN working?
I cant get it to work on DlevROM 3.1 (even though this is reported as fixed in this version)
I'm putting CheckROM back on for now to test. If it works, I might try applying CheckROM's BLN mod over DlevROM......

Yup. BLN works on CheckROM with Siyah 2.1.1
I will now try applying CheckROM's BLN mod over DlevROM to see what happens.....

BLN NOW WORKS by doing the above.
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