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Originally Posted by tommahhh View Post
Thank you!

Another question - beat the game, got the key to vipers memory, and now am in the in phantom peak. The random enemies are easy enough, but the final boss just wipes me out. I went to this area before I should have (dont have all the skills, weapons/armors) and am around level 100 with all my characters, but still can't beat them. Is there anyway back to the main map without beating this boss??? Or, tips on beating them?

Thank you!
Assuming you saved prior to fighting, you can back track down through the mountain again and exit the way you came, putting you back at the original castle. From there you can find places to grind and pick up skills and such. If not, try your auto-save.

As far as tips, have an all-poison attack (I used effat since his always seemed to land plus does damage, then used explosive strike), someone who can buff or debuff (I managed it with only D-down all around the 90s), an all heal (either the second to last that heals 500 or last which heals all, depends on how much you think you can spare SP), and viper just landing his single attack.
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