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Cry Precedent re-image failed

Originally Posted by woobieizer View Post
1) They are indeed part of the problem as your "prop" are missing in the obvious areas and more still in the one you are NOT able to see via the GUI.

2) No. The file Davew41 compiled did not change "prop" just added SUPERUSER.

LOL,, ikr the Readme was not 100% accurate.. left some unfortunate wiggle room.

Im near the end of my helpfulness. But it sounds as if you build.prop file got corrupted thus populating blank baseband values as well as the other values.

Correct Values

IDK what to tell you other than perhaps you can take it back WW and replace., or wait till the REAL smart ppl make your acquaintance, offering you a method to realize satisfaction..

I can not fathom why the same package we used successfully, has rendered your phone inoperable.

What can you do with this phone, before the resets? Do you get the generic Blue Trackphone splash screen starting up the device?If you dont see the Trackphone splash screen then something is wrong with the loaded image.

In any case, Let's just start from scratch:
Delete all previous ODIN images, and get the one Murderousone archived. You will not have to go via Mega wait timer Just Click and save to Desktop, 7zip>Open archive>Make Folder>Extract

Factory Straight Talk Precedent Root

BTW.. I never had to use the Boot.tar
only because the directions hinted. only use if things get really messed up.

The directions are not there as to what sequence of what other files you are to use w/ you might experiment again.

IE Boot.tar alone
then follow directions assuming proper order.

Thanks for responding and good luck!

I downloaded the file you pointed to. It was the same as my previous download but I tried it using every possible combination and still nothing.
I do not think it is the build.proc because I used the sdk and copied my build.proc to my windows system and edited it. It looks fine, there does not apear to be anything corupted like ro.baseband=#@$%!&*, in fact there is no mention of baseband in there at all. As a sanity check it would be VERY helpful if someone could post a copy of their Precedent's build.proc file just so that I can make sure nothing has been deleted or otherwise hosed. From what else I have been able to gleen from other post around the internet it seems that the baseband operand is set in the init.rc (at least some other model phones). I do not have a Linux system and when I copied the init.rc file to my windows system it seems to have a lot of non printable chars in it. Is there a 'special' editor or init.rc build module that I need in order to see what the init.rc file has in it? On the Precedent is the init.rc file the right place to be looking for where the baseband= field is set? If the field is not set in the init.rc file would it be possible to add it to the build.proc file and initalize it that way? What numbers are going to win the powerball loter this Wednesday? If I get a correct answer to that one then I can just use this brick for target practice and get anotherone that works.
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