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I recently had the unfortunate experience of leaving my Nexus S in the washer on the heavy cycle for not just 15 minutes, but 30! I'd grabbed a stack of sheets not realizing it was still buried beneath. To add to my stupidity, I stopped the washer 15 minutes into the wash, added more linens, and restarted.

Surprisingly, on emptying the load into the dryer and realizing it was in there, it was actually still on ... (though the screen seemed frozen on the initial startup screen). I didn't think it would even have a pulse.

I immediately disassembled it. I know its not advised, but I used a hair dryer to try speeding up the process (though I used the cool setting so that the blowing air wasn't warm at all). My conundrum is that I am scheduled to travel shortly and really needed to know if it was even salvageable so I could decide whether to get a replacement the few hours I had left in the US.

So I powered her back up after just a few hours. There were some screen flickers on loading, and the camera flash actually fired during startup which was strange. Nevertheless, it loaded just fine. The screen, buttons, speaker and touch also worked fine. It made some strange grinding noises instead of vibrating, but returned to normal after I left it for another few hours, though there is some initial flickering on startup. The power button doesn't seem to work though the volume does.

The battery also seems to have suffered damage since it doesn't seem to have any of the full charge it had prior to the wash cycle. Neither does it seem to get new charge. (But a bad battery is minor)

I am still crossing my fingers for a miracle (as if the fact that it even comes on and all of my data and programs are accessible isn't miracle enough). So far the network adapter doesn't work. It tries to start WiFi and throws an error. Also, I am not sure if its the relevant hardware or the SIM card, but it doesn't allow me to connect to any providers .. in fact it doesn't see any. It sees the SIM card as being inserted though. And that's as far as it goes.

I have 12 more hours before I have to decide whether to purchase a replacement. So I have stuck it in a bag of rice and wait in anticipation. Fun fun fun!!!

I love my Nexus S and would miss her terribly ... but I shudder at having to spend the dough for a replacement of the same generation phone in less than a year!!!!!!!

I would actually spring for the Nexus Prime if it was on the shelves.

Will keep you posted.
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