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Originally Posted by pestilence View Post
I'm not sure where you shop ... all the grocery stores I go to are organized the same basic way and items within certain categories are always in the same place. If some spaz moved things around constantly to waste my time, I'd go shop somewhere else ...
I shop almost exclusively at Costco, sometimes Target, or Walgreen's/CVS for convenience.
I never go to Wal-Mart cause I don't like their business ethics (did you know they regularly FIRE topped out employees just to save money?).

While true, most grocery stores are organized the same basic way and items within certain categories are always in the same place.
I'm just debating the fact of this app ... 'working'.

Who is going to input these regular items into a database of UPC codes to ease your shopping woes so you can make a map of your shopping trip to avoid walking past the detergent you already bought (remember the milk!)?

Would you all be more thrilled with a layout schematic of Wal-Mart Supercenter, so you can stop wasting time looking for the 24 piece TupperWare set your wifes friend bought?

And we don't move things around to 'waste your time'.
Frankly (don't get offended), but if you feel that shopping is a waste of your time cause you don't want to go looking for something, then perhaps you shouldn't be shopping.
We place products where they sell best, as you already mentioned. It is not uncommon for an ENTIRE aisles contents be shifted to the next aisle to expose some new products.

But in all likelihood, a pen & paper would be your best friend, along with a predetermined spending limit and sheer willpower to avoid tossing those Frito's in the shopping cart. That's what I do and it has done well for me and +95% of the shoppers I serve.
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Just pop your collar. Problem solved.
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