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Default Battery Upgrade and Power supply upgrade

Hello All,

I have a HyPEpad (which is basically the same design as the FlyTouch 2, Superpad, etc - though I've heard it's from a different supplier).

In any case, I was having problems with the power supply input on the tablet end. I bumped the power cord and it cracked the solder joint inside the tablet. I had to hold onto the power cord and pull it to one side to make contact and charge the tablet. Not a good idea!

So I opened it up (using a thin knife and slipping it down the side of the tablet and gently prying up the top. It was scarey at first, but I got used to it!). I had to unscrew the motherboard to get at the solder joint of the power connector. I just touched them to melt them and that was all. I put the tablet back together (I took pictures prior to make sure I didn't forget anything!) and the power supply now worked fine.

Then after a short time it broke again. That darn plug sticking straight out from the side! Very fragile! I repeated the above procedure then went off to Radio Shack and purchased the correct sized perpendicular plug which would fit into the socket but sit on the side of the tablet instead of sticking straight out. I cut the original and spliced the wires together (using shrink tubing to guard the wires. I had to wrap the plug with some glued fabric to make sure it was flush with the side of the tablet (it stuck out a bit which made it wobble). THEN I bought some little tiny plastic stick on picture hangers and stuck one on the side of the tablet overtop of the middle USB port (I didn't need two of them). Now I could hook the cord onto the picture hanger hook. I then could pick up the tablet with the power supply cord and not put any strain on the plug - the picture hanger took the strain (I didn't do that though - I'm stupid sometimes, but not THAT stupid!).

Now that my power supply was safe I still had to keep the tablet hooked up to use it (mostly) as it didn't last much more than 2 hours on the battery. But I had noticed that there was a lot of room where the battery was. It seemed that another battery could fit right on top of the original. After some testing I found out this was so. So I ordered a new battery for my HyPEpad, spliced it into the wires of the old battery * and put the tablet back together. They fit - almost. On the end opposite the ports the middle bulges up perhaps two millimeters. I can live with that, and Wow - the battery life if great!

* I do need to mention that the battery I bought had the wires switched around - the positive on the original was the negative on the replacement. That wasn't good! I don't think it would have helped my tablet to have plugged that battery into it! I KNOW that it wouldn't have been good to hook the two batteries together that way. Blam! Whoosh!

So, now I have a tablet with doubled battery life and an (almost) indestructible power plug. Great! Iíve also upgraded to Froyo. I like it though I canít get paid Android Market apps anymore. I can through the Amazon App market though. You can check it out at [GUIDE] :: SuperPad/FlyTouch2/WWE10 Android 2.2 Froyo USB Flashing ::
Iíve included some pictures to show you the finished results.

I hope this might give you some ideas!

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