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Originally Posted by Steven58 View Post
I'm not up to date and caught up on the thread yet. However, I have to give you some news. I heard from the source. What the source said seems to jive with what the sales person and the Verizon store said.

I have a friend at the Verizon store who looks to me for information and the latest on android. Long and short of it is the offer to go to the back for me and look for a demo Nexus. I was shocked!

You cannot sit there isn't any demo in there yet. He did say they were accessories. I asked him if I may see it. Sure enough he came out with galaxy nexus silicon accessory .

I kind of got choked up! It's going to be beautiful the phone that is!

The accessory was rubberized rough skinned rubber-silicon.

I asked him when he thought the phone would actually come in. Hold me in a couple of weeks, certainly by the middle of December.

I thought well I know but it's coming in two days! Then I get a p.m. from the source. In it he confirms just that.
He states corporate reasons. I don't remember what he said I'm driving right now.

I can't copy and paste it right now because it's so filled with personal information that I can allow it to be made public.

When I get to work. I've got a hit the ground running but I will copy edit and paste it as soon as I can. I promise.

That's the gist of it. I wanted to get out the information as soon as I could not make you wait because I don't know when I can get to it. I'm very busy today.

Your humbled servant,
Steven, I think all 700000 of us all owe you a huge thank you for everything. Going out of your way to give us this information (while you're driving, no less, I wouldn't actually advise that ) is pretty darn awesome.

So the source confirmed the 17th? Is that a "I haven't heard anything different", or a "I just heard for sure, it's the 17th"?
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