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Originally Posted by durangojim View Post
If you read my whole post, you would have seen that the reason I fault Google and Samsung is because they haven't made the prior Nexus phones commercial successes in the past, they've allowed them to be things for primarily geeks and enthusiasts with low sales numbers. This has given them little to no leverage with the carriers, so unlike Apple they can't launch the phone when they want, they have to wait for the carriers to determine that.
Regardless of past success of a device LTE/700mhz devices were SUPPOSED to be allowed to be launched independent of the carrier with open configs. The only reason I figure Google is cooperating with Verizon on selling this device is they want this one to be a commercial success. Most of us rely on carrier subsidies as a means of getting the most value out of our plans. Until Verizon offers no contract less costly phone plan option intended for peeps who want to buy device at full price and not have to rely on subsidies to get value out of a plan Google is forced to let VZW release their device if they want the VZW option to be any sort of success.

This very import aspect of the way these things work is why I put ALL blame on VZW. There is zero reason I shouldn't be able to pay a nice bit less on my monthly plan, but not be entitled to subsidized prices or have to worry about being tied to a contract to get the best overall deal on my service and device costs. In my opinion VZW and ALL carriers control device sales TOO MUCH, PERIOD. They claim they aren't interested in selling devices, but until they offer me a WELL discounted plan with no subsidy option or device support I'm not buying it. I can get device support from device manufacturer and network support ONLY from VZW if'n they really don't want to sell and support phones. I would actually prefer things that way.
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