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Originally Posted by HanSolo View Post
This is why I think it has nothing to do with U.S. delays. If it was only software related, they'd just do an OTA upon boot up. There's no reason to delay it.

I haven't heard anything about parts delays, particularly 4G chip delays, which would affect the US launch. The fact that UK isn't being delayed proves that Google and Samsung kept up their end of the deal. BMX, a Google employee (and at a good position, based on him being sent by his company to the UK for the launch), has said that they met their end of the bargain on time.

OS delays could be fixed OTA immediately upon turning on the phone at the store.

Phone scheduling. This would indicate Verizon's culpability. I can only assume that device deals are done way in advance. Why they decided to release 3 huge deals within weeks of each other, and botching it up in the process, is beyond me.

Just because a corporation is huge, it doesn't mean that the string pullers aren't idiots. And it doesn't mean that they're not total a-holes. In fact, most huge corporate string pullers are total a-holes. They almost have to be.
There have been rumors along all those lines. A major OS issue that makes it incapable of getting an OTA update cannot be shipped. Keep in mind the battery is also changed, so the larger battery, or rear back plastic portion may have been behind as well.

I'm not going to argue at the executive level, some decisions truely baffle me. I'm also going to agree fully that I'm frustrated at the lack of info and no set release schedule.

But I'm also wise enough to know that I don't know everything. Perhaps the Verizon date was never this early, and because of the UK release, we all just assumed. Point is, we don't know, and I don't necessarily believe the notion that Verizon is a giant clusterbum who can't get out of thier own way. While big companies certainly aren't infallable, you have to admit they generally have to make good decisions to make money. Just because those decisions don't line up with yours doens't immediately make it bad one.
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