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Originally Posted by mantera View Post
>* Mounting of ext2 in the init.rc(This will mount the ext3 partitions as non-journaled ext2 partitions)

I'm confused. I assume this init.rc file that you mention is in the ramdisk, correct? Can you explain how this would affect the final filesystem once the actual file system is loaded? And did you figure out where the file system gets mounted as ext4?

I thought that the actual file system that is formatted during the actual ROM flashing? For example, looking in the updater script for the cm7 zip package, I see:

format("ext4", "EMMC", "/dev/block/mmcblk0p7");
mount("ext4", "EMMC", "/dev/block/mmcblk0p7", "/system");

I assume this means that during the flashing of CM7, /system is formatted as ext4 and so it will remain as ext4 until you reformat it as something else, correct?
Well that is on the stock based kernel. Yeah the init.RC is in the ramdisk and it mounts everything and sets everything up to boot. So if the partition is formatted as ext3 like it is from the factory, you can have the init.rc mount that ext3 partition as an ext2 because it is backwards compatible with ext2. On cm7 for some reason, the init.qcom.RC is what mounts the partitions. It mounts them as ext4. The ext3 partitions can be mounted as ext4 as well cause if you notice in tickerguys cm7 updater script he only formats system and maybe cache but it doesn't format data as ext4 but through the initram data gets mounted as ext4. But like on the intercept you could mount an rfs partition as ext2 or ext4 because they ain't compatible(rfs is based off fat) so you had to convert to one or the other. And an ext2 formatted partition can't be mounted as ext4 I believe. The updater script actually formats the partition, but with the initrc youcan choose what to mount so long as whatever the partition is formatted as can be mounted as that(I.e ext3 mounted as ext4).

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