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Originally Posted by SHodges View Post
There was an interview with one of the two guys at Google, I can't remember if it was Larry or Sergei, but they talked about how several years from now, you'll be able to walk into a store, look at an item, put that item's product code into Google, and it'll give you a price comparison on that item for every retail outlet in a 10 mile radius. I'd really love to see stuff like that. Android would be more like a tri-corder from Star Trek than a phone at that point.
Sorry this was from way at the top of the thread but I really haven't been keeping up with it. I know the shop savvy will allow you to scan barcodes and give you info and price from many different stores, but one thing that he said that I don't remember shop savvy saying it would do is give prices for only NEARBY stores. If I need to buy..... a hard drive, and so I scanned it and shop savvy told me compusa had the same hard drive for half the price than the store I'm at now, that's great, but since most of the CompUSAs have closed, the closest one is a long drive away. It would nice to be told prices ONLY from NEARBY stores. This could be a feature added to shop savvy in the future, or maybe it's already capable of this and I just haven't heard about it, but this is a key feature that Hodges said that makes it a much more useful program than shop savvy already will be.
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