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i've been doning some research on the MSM8655 which is the chipset used in the triumph, and most of the OCing info i'm finding is based off the HTC thunderbolt because it uses the same GPU and chipset as this phone. now from what i could find is that the chipset itself is stable at 1.9ghz, but not at 2ghz. and i went through multiple articles to confirm this. from everything i read though is that the thunderbolt runs stable at 1.996GHz, but our phones when you use the 1.9GHz freq is only running at 1.901GHz, which in theory SHOULD mean our chipset should be stable at this speed, but as we all know this isn't the case at all with a lot of phones not being able to work above certain freq's most likely because of the imperfection of processor making, but if you google around a bit you will find out that the thunderbolt runs stable at 1.996GHz.
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