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Please note Rob's post, a couple posts up:

Originally Posted by Rob View Post
As requested by hundreds of you, I drafted up an E-Mail voicing your concerns and frustrations, E-Mailed it directly to my contacts and Verizon Wireless, and called them directly. They escalated the issue and got back to me with an answer, but one that you're not going to like.

I can provide the official statement tonight or tomorrow, but essentially it boils down to what we already know:
  • The Galaxy Nexus is currently undergoing rigorous testing and announcing a tentative release date that may change would be a disservice to their customers
  • The Galaxy Nexus WILL be released BEFORE the end of the year

I talked to them on the phone for about 30 minutes. I expressed the specific concerns. I even relayed some of the tough stuff that I don't personally agree with... the bottom line is they won't offer a launch date until they're ready. They aren't ready. When they are, they will let us know, and they'll be ready before the year is over.

My questions to you:
  1. If you know the G-Nex will be out by year's end, why is the specific date between now and then crucially important?
  2. If Verizon announced a release date, testing hit a hiccup and the launch was delayed, would you be more angry than if they simply told you "by the end of the year"?
  3. Does this suffice or would you ask that I do more on behalf of our community?

I can post my complete letter here along with Verizon's Official Response once I have it. I've debated publishing this on Phandroid, along with an objective narrative that discusses the opinion of both sides, to provide a more public/visible way to have your voices heard. But in many ways that could be stirring the pot when we've already got our answer.

That being said, I haven't ruled it out as I know many people here want a venue to express their personal feelings/concerns/frustrations to Verizon. It suppose it depends on the content and tone of the response I get to this update.

NOTE: I've locked this thread temporarily to ensure it's visibility as I seek the opinions/replies of everyone involved!
This thread will be locked for one hour to let people see his reply, and take a break for a bit..


Thanks for understanding!
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