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Default VZ fails on PR

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If the information you provided that VZ is really running into a bug and testing to fix it I have no problem with them delaying. That being said their communication and inability to command the message is what is hurting them right now. For better or for worse a certain fruit named tech company with their "reality distortion field" has created a gold standard in communication with end users by doing a run around the major carriers. It seems like Google pushed the Nexus program to compete with them as well as a create an Android reference device, a meter stick all other Android devices should measure up to. Google, unlike WinMo7 or Apple, has little to no control over non-Nexus devices and this leaves us with bloatware, skins like Sense and Motoblur, and often sub-par devices.

With the Galaxy Nexus we have Google, Samsung and VZ behind it. Being that the Samsung Galaxy S and S II have gotten nothing but rave reviews and became the first Android phones to pull off a hat trick (deployed on all major carriers) , Samsung have become one of the most trusted Android OEMs if not the most trusted. Like wise Google with previous nexus devices has been quick to give updates and the most competent with their OTA updates (note the Moto Droid gets it’s updates from google not VZ). That leaves VZ as both the new kid on block as far as Nexus devices and a company that has done nothing but burn whatever good will the Moto Droid launch earned them with bungled launches, bad software updates, and crappy phones loaded with bloatware.

If something went wrong with this launch, no matter who’s fault it actually was, VZ would get the blame due to past failures and track record. The fact that Google held a major launch event for the new phone and put dates on when the source code would come out set a window of expectation based on previous roll outs. If they (Samsung, Google and VZ) had any idea that would not be possible they should have said so in public. Every previous Nexus device, plus the Moto Droid and Xoom, launched or received expected updates with in a month of the Android/device release event. We also have the fact VZ passed up on the Nexus One for the HTC Incredible. All indicators put forth until the recent bug reports popped up about the sound issue pointed to VZ causing problems and put the right to bare the Nexus moniker in question.

VZ lost out not on launching the phone in a given window, but on not working hard to create a customer friendly image and due to past errors. I would not expect VZ to bite their partners and point an accusing finger at Google and Samsung over this, instead I just wish they came out and said “We know many of you are interested in the SGN and all though we don’t have a set time table for release we are working to ensure it works to the quality we expect of any device we put on our network. We hope you understand and please feel free to contact your Verizon reps if you have any questions regarding your services or other ways we can ensure you get the service you deserve as our valued customer”

TLR Verizon loses not on failure to launch but failure to communicate
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