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Another lurker coming out of the woodwork! (I've been creeping for awhile now, 1.5 months(ish))

Normally, I would have no problem continuing to lurk, but after my experience, I feel like spreading the knowledge.

I bought the Bionic from Verizon on the 18th of October, (obviously I was unaware of both the Razr and GNEX at the time) and was happy with it until I realized the atrocious battery life and lack of internets for long periods of time. Due to these issues, I decided to return it, within my 14 day window. I bought the phone online from Verizon, and Fedex'd it back on Sunday the 30th. It was confirmed that it was delivered to the Verizon warehouse on the 2nd of November (tracking number and everything, as well as the CSR confirmation). As of now, I have NOT received my $300 refund, nor have I had my contract reset back. Any phone I wish to buy to replace the Bionic is in the $600-700 range, obviously not the two year contract price. After an hour long talk with a CSR, mind you, 12 BUSINESS days after they confirmed receiving my phone, I could not get a progress report on the status of my returned phone. Until they check everything out, they WILL NOT give you your money, upgrade status, or return your contract to its original date.

I'll call again tonight to give them a piece of my mind, but I'm warning all who plan to 'borrow' a phone till the GNEX comes out, it’s going to be AT LEAST a month till you can pay the $300 2 year contract price. If you can’t wait, then cough up pretty much $1000 dollars ($300 for the borrowed phone, and $700 for the GNEX at full retail price) in order to have it by therelease date. I'm extremely dissatisfied with their return process. Not that it really amounts to anything, but my family has been with Verizon for over 15 years and I really expected more than this.

I've had a BB Storm for over two and a half years now and it is absolutely killing me. I had a nice taste of android with the Bionic, and I want more. Maybe i'll kill two birds with one stone tonight and see if I can get any GNEX info out of a CSR....probably in vain.

I'll probably go back to lurking on my off time, I'll let anyone know when I finally get my contract and refund if you're interested.
P.S. – Ironically enough, after tens of thousands of posts gone by, my first post HAD to be right when the thread became locked. What are the odds…
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