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my reply to Rob (it may be a little jumbled, long day at work )

My OG Droid is holding on by a thread. Many in the community and outside the community are in the same boat. It is over two years since the OG was launched. I want an unencumbered (as possible) phone experience. Verizon apparently has an exclusive on this device. Exclusivity makes companies lazy. If ATT had this same device and it was ready to go, you can bet Verizon would be more vocal at the very least, and possibly more willing to launch the device. A nexus device is not a regular phone.

The key to all of this is communication. If Verizon wants to have the Nexus as an exclusive, they should be more open. We do not know that it will be out before the end of the year, because we only have one announcement from weeks ago and then rumors of trouble since then. What if there is so much trouble with the device that it is delayed further?

If Verizon had said from the beginning that the phone was due XX/XX/XXXX, that would have put a stop to the date rumors. If they found that it couldnít be launched at that point, sent out emails and had a PR that gave reasons and a new date I would have accepted those reasons.

Wouldnít a pre-order be beneficial for Verizon to gauge interest in the phone and see how much stock they need? Canít a billion dollar company devote a few employees to give updates on all of their devices in order to be more consumer friendly? How hard would it be to once a week give a short update on how things are coming along in the company, what to look for, what delays there are, etc., if they truly care about informing their customers?

A nexus device is due and we donít know if it is exclusive to Verizon, how much storage it has, what date it will be released, how it will be released, how much it will cost, what Verizon apps will be preloaded, and Iím sure a few other pertinent questions. (sarcasm) With so many unknowns, I am shocked that the tech community is unsettled. (/sarcasm)
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