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Originally Posted by OUJukebox View Post
I am doubtful anybody will have a solution, but here is the problem I am having. I used to occasionally get the "low space" error and I would move an app to the SD, or clear a cache, or uninstall an app I never used, and it would resolve itself.

After getting the Gingerbread update on Monday and another software update on Tuesday, I started getting the error again, and was able to make it go away with the same actions listed above.

Today, I am getting the error: "Phone storage is is getting low." I don't think this is talking about the "application data storage," because in the settings menu I see that I still have 46MB free out of the total 149MB available. The first couple of times I got the error, I would tap on the notification and it took me to a list of apps and it would show something like "250MB used, 498 free." That didn't seem low to me. Today, in the settings under phone memory it says total space 748MB, available space 0.00MB. When I tap on the low space notification, it is a little different, saying 741MB used, 7.4MB free. Those numbers have fluctuated a little today, but the free space actually seems to be getting lower when I clear a cache or uninstall an app!

I am still getting text messages, but the phone won't even let me take a picture with the camera because it says "Phone storage space is getting low." Nevermind the fact that I offloaded all my pictures and videos and my internal storage says 6.29GB of 6.6GB free. Apparently the lack of Phone Memory means I can't use the camera.

If I was confident that a factory reset would fix the problem, I guess I wouldn't mind doing that, even though it is a hassle to set up all my widgets and shortcuts again.

Any suggestions?

FYI: I had to do a factory reset to fix my "Phone memory" problem, but everything is working well now.
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