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Originally Posted by AntimonyER View Post
So here are the numbers for those of us who don't have an upgrade handy, if the $619 price is correct. With 7% tax (my tax), the phone at retail comes to $663.39. By adding a line, phone price is $320.92, plus $14.61 for 24 months for the extra line, Comes to $671.63. But if you can get a loyalty discount, that will reduce the cost of the subsidized phone to $249, and end up being cheaper overall @ $618.13
the way i look at it is, with adding a line, you aren't really saving any money, but its an easier up front cost with 2 years of "financing" basically. Definitely easier for many to pay $320 up front and paying $14.61 a month, (wouldn't it technically be for 20 months, since Verizon's "years" when it comes to upgrades are 10 months?) At least that's how I've always seen it happen for myself.
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