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Originally Posted by OhMyNexus View Post
You've gone 3 years and you shouldn't have to wait an additional 2 weeks for the GN. You should totally rent now. It's worth it.
I don't think the rental program is worth it.
1) there's no release date, and, I don't even want to finish this thought.....
2) I'll have to pay $35 to restock said phone... which negates my last NE2 $30 discount. I feel like I'm pinching every penny, here, but $30 is $30 and adding $35 to my phone purchase, just to try out a phone I don't want doesn't sound worth it, to me.

... and while I'm in miserly Scrooge McDuck mode, What's a loyalty discount? I've been on Verizon since about 1999 and have brought in a whole family plan's worth of lines and even spun off a former family line into it's own plan. Don't I deserve a $50 loyalty discount?
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