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Originally Posted by AntimonyER View Post
You are under contract for 24 months, so if you decided to cancel the line, you would need to wait the full 24 months before cancelling it. That is what I am basing my calculation on. If you want to continue to keep the line, and just use it for extra subsidized upgrades, technically you could use the 20 month calculation, as that is how often it would yield an upgrade...
thats what i usually do, it's a good "plan of action" if you are addicted to the latest tech. Here's my usual scenario(doubt i'll do it with the Nexus though since this is the most anticipated phone of the year and will be incredible)

I have a family plan, 4 lines, 2 are mine.

I have my main line, and a spare which i use for quicker"upgrades".

If you plan it out well, you can have an upgrade every 10 months.

This is how i started. Got my line, waited 10 months, added a line to get an upgrade (now with 10 months left on my main) waited 10 months, used my main line upgrade(10 months left on my add-a-line) and so on and so forth. Good upgrading "loop-hole" that can't really be removed.

Addition: It was easier when they had 1 year contracts because then you could upgrade even easier and it didn't cost much extra to upgrade with a 1 year contact v.s. a 2 year contract. I see a 14 dollar monthly cost as a fairly cheap way of getting around 1 year contracts if you plan it like i stated above.
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