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Originally Posted by JerryScript View Post
Note- There is a problem with the bootanimation, it appears frozen, be patient, it will boot up. Sorry.

New build is up!
md5sum b9ccd0fcbdf6d3fe1e54e7875405bdf9

Changes 11222011: Synced with CM7.2
-lots of improvements from CM
--video support for omap now enabled
--changes to improve screen performance
--changes to improve audio performance
--camera click sound issue fixed
--lockscreen single ring option and middle ring unlock option
--lots of other changes can be viewed on gerrit
-cherry-picked the carrier name change commit
-reverted the commits that broke the camera

Thanks to Blarf, BobZhome, mrg666, the CM team, AOSP, and everyone else
(I could make a paragraph full of names, please don't be offended if I left you out )
I just downloaded and tried to update but, well boot hung. I couldnt even get logcat to tell me what was wrong.. It just hung on green android. .thinking it was a bad download, i decided to download again, twice more so after that. Both of them received the same boot hang with no logcat. Verry puzzeling. Is this working for anyone? Can you please look into it Jerry
EDIT: I know about the annimation problem btw, it wasnt that. cause then there would be logcat to view??
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