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P3Droid is NOT arrogant.
What you're hearing in some of his tweets/post is not arrogance, but his tiredness in dealing with people that don't want to believe what he's saying or DOING is true.
P3Droid also deals with something I deal with on a day to day basis...
A TON of jealousy and envy.
...H A T E R Z...

He gets attacked day to day, on forums, tweets, and emails.
(Go ahead and ask him, how many people he's had to block on Twitter)

Instead of people commending him on his efforts & contributions,
they choose to attack the guy for whatever hater-isk reason.
Since Haterz don't do anything but HATE, they can't bring the same P3Droid brings to the Android Community Table, so they stay on their job, and he stays on his, by continuously contributing to the Android World...
EVEN though the doubters/haterz continue to try and bring him down with hateful tweets, post, and emails.
That's all a hater is good for...
Hating on a real guy, doing REAL things.
If he ever comes across arrogant, thats just his way of beating down the haterz HE is dealing with in the community.
Its not directed toward any of those that appreciate his work & effort.
P3Droid takes tons of time out of his own personal life to make things happen for this community, and he gives credit due, where/and when its due.
I don't really know how anyone could hate on someone that time and time again, proves himself, A REAL contributor to the Android Community.
The proof is in the pudding folks.
Give him a break.

"Hatred is gained as much by good works/accomplishments as by evil work earns."

HATERZ BR33D on Jealousy & ENVY,
Don't Hate Me, Cuz You Ain't ME!

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