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Originally Posted by sdrawkcab25 View Post
That won't be the solution for everyone (read page one and page 12 of this thread). HTC can not fix the problem through an OTA.

My Low on space didn't start happening UNTIL the GB update.

And also in the news...

The above solution worked for me... THANK YOU!

All of which does not bode well of course after a lot of time on the phone with some idiot from Verizon telling me the the update comes from google and htc and it has nothing to do with big V and that only solution was a hard reset......... real shocker huh?

Yeah... no, let's not put all the blame on htc or google. My phone worked perfectly until the update.

Gee... the phone says verizon on it...
I bought it from verizon
the update came from verizon over their towers
AFTER it was approved by verizon

I usually get pretty good service from them but this guy had his head in a warm, moist, dark, foul smelling place (and I think he liked it)
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