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Originally Posted by RawRmon View Post
I was ablr to make my phone a hotspot simply by downloading the app "quick settings" on the Android Market. It is like a supped up version of the setting application on your phone. In the "quick settings" app it gives you an option of turning on or off your "wifi-hotspot" on your phone. You give your device a name and password so any device trying to get the wifi signal from your phone has to put in a password. I had no idea my LG Optimus V had this option! Best of all it's free! My brother found out that method and passed it on to me. My KF now has 3g where ever I and my phone go.
I read a thread about folks installing these hotspot widgets on their phones and using them to turn on their phone's hot spot functionality, and then later on receiving a bill for it from their cellphone carrier. I don't know of any cellphone carrier who offers the 3g hotspot feature for free.
I'm not trying to burst your bubble; just think you maybe should do a little more research on it before you get a surprise in the mail. You may possibly fly under your carrier's radar, who knows....
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