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Originally Posted by scary alien View Post
LOL, VS...just look "up" ^^^ (no, a little higher....there you go...see a certain red-garbed Star Wars character? ).

But I do think Android_LIFE has allayed cggorman's fears about being able to return the GNex to stock... One probably shouldn't mess-around with root too-much before the proper stock image is available and the process is nicely documented (I'm betting this will all be out/done before the phone officially hits VZW anyways)--but that's good advice for any phone that's newly-rooted (trophy's published many a sticky warning of just that thing).

yes i see that little green guy with the red lightsabre.. can he survive my nimpo attacks? or survive a strike from the ultimate super ninja? nooooooooppppppeeeeeeeeee

but that red does seem a little.... there lol, so i must retract my previous statement about a mod, and leave the admin part there
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