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Originally Posted by OrganizedFellow View Post
Who is going to input these regular items into a database of UPC codes to ease your shopping woes so you can make a map of your shopping trip to avoid walking past the detergent you already bought (remember the milk!)?

Would you all be more thrilled with a layout schematic of Wal-Mart Supercenter, so you can stop wasting time looking for the 24 piece TupperWare set your wifes friend bought?
Database of UPC codes ... where is Shop Savvy getting theirs? Clearly the information is out there, and this is just yet another mashup.

Order within the store ... could be a similar database, or could be a personal preference, where the application notices that for a given store you always put the milk before the detergent, therefore whenever your shopping list contains both milk and detergent, it orders it such that the milk is earlier than the detergent. Over time, you build up enough of these relationships, and the correct ordering of the entire list will fall into place.

And we don't move things around to 'waste your time'.
Frankly (don't get offended), but if you feel that shopping is a waste of your time cause you don't want to go looking for something, then perhaps you shouldn't be shopping.
We place products where they sell best, as you already mentioned. It is not uncommon for an ENTIRE aisles contents be shifted to the next aisle to expose some new products.
Frankly (don't get offended), but your example is a perfect illustration of how it's a waste of our (the customer's) time, and purely for your (the retailer's) benefit. I don't care what aisle placement allows a given product to "sell best". That's a retailers goal.

I care about finding products (all of them, not just the ones that the retailer is trying to move off the shelves), and not wasting my time trying to figure out where the idiot store manager moved something just because he needs to jump through hoops to justify his wage, and/or try to move a little more product.

But in all likelihood, a pen & paper would be your best friend,
Aaah. The truth comes out. You're a luddite. You're the voice of the "unfrozen caveman shopper". It's as if you're just going on about "your strange and confusing blinky lights and automation products anger me!"

It's ok Mr. Caveman, let those of us who like automation products talk about what things would help save us some time and effort when we're tracking $300+ grocery bills with a huge shopping cart full of products. You can stick to managing your 4 product trips with your chisel and stone tablet.

Let those of us who are in the 21st century discuss how to move beyond that level of sophistication. Don't worry, no one will force you to abandon your stone tablet.

Though, I AM curious why a luddite would hang out on any web forum, much less an android focused one.
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