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Originally Posted by Carnivex View Post
I resent that comment about me being simplistic. I would rather you actually decided to get to know me before posting "random" comments about me that is in fact far from the actual truth!.

Oh and a finishing note, any present contact on the phone can be changed into a Google Contact after having been created. Mind you you get a popup stating that you "might" lose some of the information, but so far as I have seen I haven't actually lost any contact information doing that, yet...
Hey Carnivex, it's me again: Since adopting your advice and keeping my contacts as "Google" contacts I've been frustrated by a problem: You can't use the phone's "Groups" on your "Google" contacts. Also if you have assigned any of your phone's contacts to groups, that is one piece of the data that you will lose when you convert to a google contact. It's so frustrating when the phone divides your contacts that way. I used to have that same problem with my SIM card, contacts that were "SIM" contacts only got a small subset of fields, "phone" contacts got a larger one, like being able to store a photo. It's another example of how primitive and feature-poor most software is. We shouldn't have to worry about all that. I have a list of contacts, I want them in groups, I want them backed up on Google, all of that should just happen seamlessly without me having to jump through a bunch of arcane hoops. In the case of the SIM (on my old Motorola Razor), the phone should keep a link and if I want a contact on the SIM then fine, and if I want a photo on that contact, then fine, it stores the contact in the phone and links the two entries so they appear as one. Phone groups are useful when I just want to view a subset of contacts like "stores" or "restaurants." Also they are useful when sending out a text message to a group.
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