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Originally Posted by brotherswing View Post
Wow! Mine must have some real issues. I've had to charge it twice a day since I bought it in February. I average about 10% an hour, regardlessof which ROM I'm on. Hmmm, I might have look into that.
Originally Posted by a5pe4 View Post
My battery does not seem to last too long. I can get maybe 20-24 hours out of it but the display is on maybe 3 or 4 hrs total. On 3g though my battery gets slaughtered. I drove somewhere with the 3g on and my battery fell from 100-88 in about 20 minutes.
Hey, so I used to run about a 10% drain per day, but after doing a battery calibration, I have much more reasonable drain (1-2%/hour but that's if I don't touch my phone which is pretty rare).

As far as the whole thing about 3g battery problems, for me, it seems to be that whenever I have bad reception my battery takes a nosedive. Once it gets to the point that it's switching between 3g and 1x or going between 1 bar and none then there's a huge difference battery drain. I think the best option is either to turn on wifi (seems to help at least) or just turn off all radios and go into airplane mode altogether. Take a look at Battery Use in Settings-> About Phone -> Battery Use. If the biggest drops in charge level comes when your signal is bright yellow or red, then the problem is poor reception. Otherwise, I don't really know although I do see random little drops on that graphs that I can't figure out.

Anyways, I hope all of that helps.
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