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Default oh no...tolet!!

As much as I love my beautiful 16 month old, she managed to throw my Samsung Galaxy S into the toilet whilst it was still on. I panicked, grabbed the phone, dried off the excess water inside and out and put it in a towel on the radiator shelf. The phone went in switched on and I removed the battery straight away to dry and went to bed. In the morning my boyfriend is playing with it and he says, "good news is it is charging, bad news is it don't come on!" After searching on-line for fix-it-remedies, i put it into a bag of rice and its been in there for and hour now. I'm not even bothered about the phone I'm more concerned about my 16 months of photos of my little girl. Had my laptop nicked a week ago so haven't got round to uploading photos and videos on new 1 yet...just my luck!!
Hopefully the rice thing will work, but how long do you think I should leave it in the rice for and also, probably a silly question but do I leave the phone assembled?? cos at the moment I have taken out the battery and sim card but put the back cover back onto the phone..
I hope i can just get the memories off the phone, I don't care bout the rest! What do u think? will it work? Any other suggestions??
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