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Hi there.
Got it all installed and working and have a few quick questions.
Sorry if some of these have been taken care of already but im a noob.

1. I watch alot of netflix on wireless. With the latest of backdoor the audio and video are off in netflix. Is there a fix to this?

2. The AWD launcher is great and all but I have had my problems with it in the past and since I flashed have lost the bottom launch bar at least 4 times randomly. I have tried to find what I can do to make it do it to try to solve the problem myself. If I uninstall it will it just leave me the default gingerbread launcher?

3. I Backed up my orignial vm OS while flashing. If for any reason I decide i want to go back I should be able to flash back and unroot correct? Say if they come out with the gingerbread update and I want to try it out?

4. The voice button on the side of the phone seems non opt now that I flashed is there somthing i might be able to do to get it back?

It is a awsome OS as a noob I have fuigured out how to set my phone back to where I was with the stock rom. I had 20mb left on stock always switching out apps and now I have 130mb free to play with. I accidently purchased SetCPU then found out 10 mins later it was in the os. O well.

Any help with this would be great Thank you

O and P.S. When i plug it back into my computer i cannot get it to reconise the phone anymore is there a diffrent driver i need to install?
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