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Although I am looking into this, I would also welcome your participation. CALife is interested in getting a good solution for the firefighters, and so am I. I don't want to delay the deployment of a workable solution to keep it to myself since there are definite societal advantages to getting something like this out there. I could also learn from what you do.

CALife provided the following information to me:

************************************************** **************
As of right now we send texts to the chief and captains, pretty much if your available (as known by the captains and chief via texts) you are expected to respond. We use two types of alerts for the firefighters, one via a pager that is assigned to every firefighter, however the pager is unable to communicate with others it only receives our tone. The other is from a computer program called CAD, Computer Aided dispatch, it sends a text to each member of the responding fire company, however you are not able to reply and communicate with the dispatch or other firefighters. It is completely based on the texts of each firefighter to other firefighters right now.

The mapping and ETA is a luxury I am able to live without it, however with the delayed response option is it possible to make 2 more boxes such as location description and ETA so the user can type where he is at? Also the app doesn't need to communicate with other apps just a text to keep it simple. Also if its not to much to ask a widget would be nice, like one icon for each text.

Also I didn't get a chance to thank you, this will help me and other firefighters be able to respond quicker and more effectively in turn possibly saving lives.
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