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Originally Posted by NickBeamon View Post
Hi there.
Got it all installed and working and have a few quick questions.
Sorry if some of these have been taken care of already but im a noob.

1. I watch alot of netflix on wireless. With the latest of backdoor the audio and video are off in netflix. Is there a fix to this?
Not certain, I'll let someone else help with this...

Originally Posted by NickBeamon View Post
2. The AWD launcher is great and all but I have had my problems with it in the past and since I flashed have lost the bottom launch bar at least 4 times randomly. I have tried to find what I can do to make it do it to try to solve the problem myself. If I uninstall it will it just leave me the default gingerbread launcher?
I've noticed that too. Try this menu-add-launcher actions-open/close dock bar. This will give you a handy method of restoring it. Also Go Launcher works quite well too.

Originally Posted by NickBeamon View Post
3. I Backed up my orignial vm OS while flashing. If for any reason I decide i want to go back I should be able to flash back and unroot correct? Say if they come out with the gingerbread update and I want to try it out?
Yes, you can flash back. Also, you can flash the almost stock rom for the same results.

Originally Posted by NickBeamon View Post
4. The voice button on the side of the phone seems non opt now that I flashed is there somthing i might be able to do to get it back?
Most people don't use this, so Jerry unmapped it (listed in op) but you can use Button Remapper to restore it.

Originally Posted by NickBeamon View Post
It is a awsome OS as a noob I have fuigured out how to set my phone back to where I was with the stock rom. I had 20mb left on stock always switching out apps and now I have 130mb free to play with. I accidently purchased SetCPU then found out 10 mins later it was in the os. O well.

Any help with this would be great Thank you
Happy to help, and welcome aboard!

Nope, same driver. You need to toggle USB debugging.
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