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Default Kudos To Sprint

Hello, everyone -

I'm BrotherBone, but you can call me BBone... it's easier on the fingers.

This little aside has to do with Sprint. My phone was stolen nine days ago, and my insurance - along with my Total Protection Plan - got me another phone, without having to pay full bloody retail ($100 deductible).

I was upgraded to an Evo 3D, from a 4G on the 26th (last Saturday) - due to my replacement phone from Asurion having skipped a few quality control checkpoints. I was supposed to have my phone TODAY... but, the shipping was mislaid.

In other words, the package had two shipping numbers. They went with the second series of numbers, because SOMEBODY DROPPED THE BALL... as I had made quite plain with the folks at Asurion, and Sprint.

Long story short, the folks at Asurion had gotten tired of my accusations of inappropriate Kool-Aid being served on their corporate retreats... they placed me on hold, and suddenly:

"Thank you for calling Sprint. The NOW network; <en espanol, marque cinco>..."

Hoo boy. Time to open the can of whoop@$$, once again. I've had to be Barney Bad@$$ three times, since Saturday. You don't know how it plays upon my system, as I'm an easy-going cat with other fish to fry. In the interest of saving space, here's a condensed version:

(conversation #1) "Let me speak to your supervisor."

(conversation #2) "Let me speak to your supervisor."

(conversation #3) "Let me speak to your (yawn) supervisor."

I finally got to the head huntress... a woman named Teri (rrreeeeeeooww!). I explained what had happened, and what I wanted was a little bit of accountability on Sprint's part - since they elected to go with another company to insure their new, and provide their warrantied phones (funny... every smartphone manufacturer uses the same outfit, save for possibly Blackberry and Apple).

This lady was a class act. She offered to meet me halfway on the deductible, which, I thought was pretty decent - as I had already paid for it, anyway. Hmm... I might get that Jawbone, yet... or, maybe I'll go for the stereo Jabra Bluetooth headset... it's goody time.

In a world where corporations have more rights than the human beings who write the laws, it really made me feel warm and fuzzy. This was really gracious on Sprint's part, and I wanted to share it with all of you wonderful folks here at The Lounge.

Weird things can happen, every once in awhile.


(flourish of trumpets) -stay tuned!... the 3VO arrives tomorrow! Excuse the larger sized font... me eyes ne'er work veddy well
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