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Originally Posted by scottg96 View Post

I just headed to my local Authorized Retailer store (read: NOT a corporate store, but a very similar retailer, Cellular Connection - Home) to ask about moving an upgrade up. The guy said he could only move it up a week, etc. etc. but then I asked him about the Nexus. When it would come out, if they got anything in, etc. and he told me that "[he] was actually just given the ability to pre-order three GNexi tonight. I know you're all thinking that this is the guy who got the notice for 50 GNexi but I asked him about that and he said it was screen protectors and cases, not the actual phones... BUT I asked if I could see the computer screen for proof to share with you guys, and while his manager was standing over his shoulder and wouldn't let me take a picture, I DID see that he was able to order [a whopping] three (3) SCH-i515's. No mention of when they would be available, but considering he was just able to order them, we could be seeing pre-orders online at midnight tonight or tomorrow.

BTW this guy gave me the DInc one day before it was released in stores, so I believe him... also he said he would set up a shipping notification for his phone, email, and text so he could call me literally the moment the phones come into the store. You would think if he was the average sales rep he would just try to sell me a RAZR or the like, but he was serious about this and was as excited as I am.

Take it FWIW, I know a lot of you will probably disregard it, but this is a serious news tip, from a verifiable source; I saw the pre-order form with my own two eyes.
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