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I too would love to know how to delete entries erroneously entered into the dictionary. I must have fat fingered, so to speak, several words at some point, such as "Thr" instead of "The". Now, invariably when I try to enter "the", it puts in the mis-spelling instead of the word I intended. It is VERY aggravating to have it choosing a word I don't want in there instead of the correct one, especially for ones really common ones. If someone knows how to get rid of entries please let us all know.

Other gripes I have about the program: the stupid reminder message that comes up to tell you that there is no need to type a space between words if you are inputting things that way. At least on my phone, it puts this message up very regularly, and always right over the area that the text is being entered.

And before you say, "well, don't press space between them", my other gripe is that the program has a tendency to change the selected word unless you enter a space. An example is you "swiped" a word, and it is highlighting the intended word. I want to follow that word with the word "a". When I press the letter "a", the previous word I entered correctly is many times changed to a completely different word. Clicking another "a" will cause it to change once again to some other word. I am sure there is some reason why it is doing that, but I have not been able to figure out what it is doing. So, to get the word "a" after that word I have to press the space, then the "a". A couple times of doing that and the stupid message is displayed that I don't need to do that, but as I explained, if I don't then I don't get the correct previous word.

I wish there was documentation on how to use the program. Like I said, there is no doubt some reason it is changing words when it does, and presumably that is a nice time saving feature, but it sure is not if you can't figure out what the algorithm is that is being used.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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