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Originally Posted by Othan1 View Post
Actually, the phone is a great business phone out of the box. It already has built-in Outlook sync which syncs your contacts, mail and calendar. You choose if you want to use gmail or outlook calendar/contacts as the default.

I've had my phone since beginning of January and it's only gone into the airplane mode twice and it's easy to resolve. I believe that it may be resolved when the 2.1 android comes out (2Q 2010, NOT Feb 22) because the 1.5 was originally not designed with CDMA in mind so ours is a modified version.

I'm on the family plan with 1500 minutes, free mobile to mobile, unlimited internet, text, mms, etc. with three lines and it's costing me about $150 per month.

I have no complaints about the phone or service and I'm certain that if you tally up the number of units sold versus the number of people complaining, you're going to see a very tiny fraction of the users are unhappy.
Yeah. What he said.

All in all, it's a nice phone with a lot of versatility for whatever it is you need it to do. It can virtually do anything given it has almost unlimited resources with the Android market.

Is the phone buggy? Certainly, like he said above, it's running a modified 1.5 version of Android, which by default, isn't meant to run on CDMA phones. The 2.1 upgrade however, is.

If I were you I'd wait til the 2.1 upgrade comes out. Then I'd read around the forums and gather more information and then make a decision.

Good luck!
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