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Originally Posted by specialistk View Post
Hi, i'm new to android phones (am familiar with Honeycomb on my xoom though), just got my pre-owned nexus s in the mail yesterday. It came unlocked and rooted (I think) because when it boots up there is the unlock symbol, and in my apps i do have superuser. I don't see a clockworkmod app though. My problem is I wanna unroot it back to stock, then re-root it again so i can install custom roms such as ICS. So whenever i go into the bootloader, select recovery, i get the exclimation point in the triangle error. i press vol up and power and get some options, but only wipe data / reset ect. nothing like what i've seen in the youtube vids. my guess is that the previous owner updated to gingerbread 2.3.6 and may have replaced some files??? i don't know. Any tips on how i can unroot without any recovery files? thanks!
It sounds like the device is rooted, you are just missing the recovery image. Instead of unrooting, and rerooting, it should be much easier to flash a custom recovery image. If you have rom manager (If not just download it from the market) just open it and download and install clockworkmod recovery. If you would prefer not to do it the easy way, you can also flash a custom recovery image by doing this process.

1. download the custom recovery image below
ClockworkMod Recovery for Nexus S
2. Copy the recovery image file inside the tools folder of the android sdk (so it is in the same folder as fastboot.exe)
3. Then in the command prompt that should still be open, type the following with hitting enter at the end of each line:
fastboot flash recovery.img
4. You now have a custom recovery, you will want to update to the latest version of CWM through rom manager.
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