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Originally Posted by sarxsvt View Post
This is totally experience based so take it as you will. My company has 4 4G LTE hotspots that we use to make mobile connections for "away teams" on the weekends. We started with the Samsung hotspots because they were first to the market and quite frankly they were the absolute most frustrating devices I've ever dealt with in my life. They were completely unreliable in all ways, both in connection quality and the ability to hold a connection. After a few complaints to Verizon and a chat with an Engineer they swapped them with the Novatel 4g Hotspots. They are better but still not really functioning as well as tethering to my phone has performed.
And that's what continues to scare me about the 'whenever' GNex. It's also why I've commented about whether it's simply not better having what we know is a sound piece of hardware like the Rezound or Razr coupled with ICS.

Time will tell, but my experience with the Sammy Charge was an absolute nightmare.
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