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Originally Posted by jasaero View Post
If almost or all devices have such issues to date though I think it could also just be a good cover for the real reasons you are holding it has been my point. I find it almost impossible to believe it could be worse than the Charge and that device is plenty good enough so long as you understand LTE is still new tech and not going to be 100%.

The whole fact this is such a big tech support issue with all devices and they don't know what is causing it makes me quite skeptical it's the reason they are holding the device so much as it's just an easy excuse to hold it for reasons that would make most quite unhappy if leaked.
I just refer back to the fact that P3Droid just received update 4.02 and that update as he states improved his connectivity.

Given that fact and rumors stating that the device is still in testing because of a bug....I would assume that maybe there is a connectivity issue with 4G LTE with the Nexus that they are attempting to work through before they release another phone on their network that has the same issue as every other device they have rushed through.

But then again that's my opinion....
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