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Originally Posted by TeeJ911 View Post
I am just thinking out loud nothing concrete or confirmed in here and I don't know of exact #'s so mostly guesswork.

Say 120k phones got shipped to Verizon and those are the ones sitting in the warehouses or shipped to stores. There are ~2200 verizon retailers out there (not sure if that is corporate only or include authorized retailers) but 120000 phones to 2200 stores means 54.54 phones/store.

If we exclude the possibility of a preorder and just in stores how long do you think that many phones will last?

Could there possibly be a quiet store release tomorrow where Verizon satisfies the savages and sale out w/ in a week allowing their new phone selling time by itself the rest of the holiday season and making the GNex a back order deal?

Slap or thank me makes no difference but the same old same old was becoming boring.
I don't think that's how it will work. Your mom and pop authorized retailer in Williamsburg, KY (insert small town here) won't be getting the same number of Gnex's as the store mid-town Manhattan (insert big city/densely populated area here).
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