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Originally Posted by eyetek View Post
I just refer back to the fact that P3Droid just received update 4.02 and that update as he states improved his connectivity.

Given that fact and rumors stating that the device is still in testing because of a bug....I would assume that maybe there is a connectivity issue with 4G LTE with the Nexus that they are attempting to work through before they release another phone on their network that has the same issue as every other device they have rushed through.

But then again that's my opinion....
My opinion is that of the 3 to 4 devices released or to be released over the holidays this year, this one one should have been targeted for the front of the firing order if'n they were looking to satisfy customer demands rather than attemting to define customer demands. If 4.0.1 was equal or better connectivity wise to RAZR and Rezound this phone shoulda been out in the same timeframe as those two and first outta all if at all possible.

In general though ALL device testing and quality goals in releasing a device should be the same for EVERY device period. Even better device testing and quality and even support should be left to the device manufacturer if you really aren't interested in being a device retailer anyhow as many claim of VZW. It seems quite clear though the only way VZW can legally control which devices are used on their network under the latest FCC rules is if they are the primary device retailer for all devices compatible with their network.
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