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Originally Posted by Steven58 View Post
Ok.. went to my local corporate Verizon store. I spoke to a salesman who knew about phones. Refreshing.

Do you remember I said one Razr was hot? It was again. I called him over to ask him why. He pointed up to spot lights to show me that they were making the phone run hot.

That explains that. Still, the other screen on that side weren't as hot, but they warm.

We got to talking. The razr is really nice but he told me to wait for the nexus. After talking a bit, he volunteered that he had actually help the European Nexus as well as the LTE one. He told me that a tester had come into the store looking for accessories.

I asked him if it felt cheap/plastic-y. He said no. It was a nice feel and the screen was amazing looking. He did say he liked the way the razr looked more business-y, with the angles and such but recommended I wait for the Nexus, which was in final testing and would be released soon.

My ears perked up when he said he actually held it. He said he was going to one. We're close.


Please release this phone. I can't take this thread getting much bigger because it will become impossible for me to beat next time.

Thanks, bye.
Not sure if you saw it a bunch of pages ago but my mom saw an ad on screen for the Gnex at a Corporate Store and she also said the rep told her that the Samsung guy was in to show them our precious Gnex and that they all loved it! Corroborating info so it seems!
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