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I am starting to get frustrated with my LG eve to, I called in to talk to tech support a few times and they told me to do a reset on mine to see if it solves it, guess what! Nope still doing the SD Card Mounted or Error mounting SD card, over and over, sometimes its every few minutes then not for hours, when I called in to see about having it replaced I was told it was 10 days past the date I can return it, and the worst part is I called in around the time it was ending and put a complaint in to tech support about the issues I was having, As a new customer to Rogers you think they would have just sent me a new phone, The only option I have now is to take it to the local Rogers store and have them send it back to LG which can take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks and I get a cheap Nokia for a replacement that only makes calls, no texting at all which is the main reason I got the phone, and I only have 60 minutes of call time used on the phone since I received it. If anyone knows a fix for this please post it, I have the latest fimware and also I have formated my card to and still no success, :|
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