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Originally Posted by HanSolo View Post
You are starting with Episode 4, right??
Originally Posted by halon View Post
I told her the same thing LOL
I will have to ask.

Originally Posted by MrMetachlorian View Post
OK, coming out of lurking mode again...

So I read your guys' convo a bunch of pages back. I'm curious as to why everyone who expressed an opinion said that a star wars virgin definitely has to start with episode 4. I'm not convinced that he/she should start with episode 1 or 4; I think it can go either way - sequence of release or chronological order.

It reminds me of the godfather trilogy. I've been told there is a version of the trilogy that is in chronological order but I haven't seen it. I would think GII has a totally different feel without the flashbacks to Vito's childhood.

Fyi - this Star Wars virgin is a she

Originally Posted by TeeJ911 View Post
Outside of the Nexus beer is the most appropriate thing to talk about. Beer and disappointment go hand in hand. Next topic is nuts then Star Wars. Bro Code

Sexist. Lol. I kid

Originally Posted by CaptainRon View Post
I assume this is another movie. BB hasn't seen.
Correct assumption
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